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Fullstack HR – in all honesty, it’s just a name. The name of my Substack newsletter aka Fullstack HR.

In this paragraph, I want to elaborate a bit on the background. Early last fall, amid the pandemic, I was pondering around the idea of creating something new. Ever since 2009, I’ve been sharing thoughts on the topic of HR, more or less only in Swedish. I wanted a new challenge. I wanted to learn. In conclusion, I needed to start something new.

So I started the scariest thing I could imagine, an English-speaking Youtube channel. English is not my first language, as you probably can tell from this text. (Even though I have great editors…)But back to YouTube. I had to call the channel something. It ended up being my name, but initially, Full Stack HR was the working name and it has ever since been stuck with me. I had to do something with it.

Given that I’ve been an avid Not Boring reader for quite some time, it felt natural looking to Substack. So here we are.

FullStack HR.

The name stems from my background working as a people partner (or HRBP, I don’t even know what to call myself these days) working in tech companies. W3 describes a full-stack developer as some who knows both the client and server sides. Someone who builds both what you see, like this web page, also knows how to host it on a server.

That was the super-simplified version of it, and developers I have worked with will hit me in the head for simplifying it to this extent, but you get what I mean.

FullStack has and still is a sought-after competency for developers. It’s someone who knows a bit of everything, and that is precisely what I’m aiming for this newsletter to be: a bit of everything but always, always related to the field I love and care for – HR (or people, still don’t know what to call it).

This will be the one hub where I gather all my thoughts.

It will be fun, and I do hope you want to tag along. (And yes, there will be GIFs and disclaimers.)


Fullstack HR will be fun!

Fullstack HR will be fun!


The newsletter and the YouTube channel will work hand-in-hand.

Make sure you hit the subscribe button on both ends not to miss anything.

PS. If you have faith in me – invite your friends.