Remote Work

Remote work - a practical reading tip. If you've been listening to my podcast, you've heard me talk about this already, but I think it's such a good article that I want to bring it up here as well. It's about the newsletter Not Boring. This is worthwhile subscribing to, but even you, even if you're not subscribing to it, this particular article is a great read. What Packy does here is he walks us through the whole sort of change management process that we've been all more or less going through throughout this pandemic where we started off by. Reluctantly, maybe going into a sort of a remote work state or at least a Celtic remote workstation, where we also had to scramble fast to just get home and be safe. And then throughout the whole sort of change curve around where we're going into the future. And obviously, the title gives it away. We're never going back. And what I like about this is obviously, Packy shares my views, and he shares what I've articulated in the past in my webinar and in my podcast. We shared the same views, but I think he lays it out in a very structured and convenient way to digest. He also stresses the fact that the technology right now is barely catching up on this new trend. I guess seeing the first baby steps on how tech will support this transition. And we can't really deem out working from home based on a technology you had; we have to see what the future has in store for us. And I think that is worth highlighting because it can feel, and I believe that now is December dark and all from time to time. You feel like, Oh yeah, I miss out on that social connection that work provides, but there are tools to support those social connections. And other devices are being developed to help and further fuel those social interactions that naturally happens to workplaces, but then taking them online.